• Biography


    Milanka Fabjančič, a young illustrator who never runs out of ideas and rich details.

    My Biography
  • Illustrations


    The most beautiful part of children’s books, where the illustration lets imagination run free.

    More imagination
  • Magazines


    Why should magazines only feature photographs? An illustration allows us to depict things in a much wackier way.

    Funny magazines
  • Storyboards


    Illustrations which help actors, directors and other masters of the moving picture achieve better communication and execution of their work.

    Before the film … ...
  • Sketchbooks


    Are you wondering what’s going on in Milanka’s mind?

    Uncensored :)
  • Extras


    Ccreative pieces that breathes life into an empty sheet of paper, a CD case or simply your wackiest box for storing something ...

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